Aid of development and trial production to supply “make the new value””make the better products”

We suggest from the process to materials for making the best.

We suggest various shape and specification adopting products.
We are good at thinking with clients what to produce, when to finish, how much to sell the products from client’s view through many meetings with experts.

We check and test from every aspects, for example rethink the product quality, checking up technique and rethink specifications, and we suggest clients to make the best thing.

Support system to satisfy clients.

To dwell on making thing and support smooth work with clients,
we cover from software to hardware side, and support to create environment to make together.


“Making the best” Designing for quality, deadline and cost.

Design technique adopting age and needs applying experience and know-how.


The plastic molding specialists and the experiencers of mold building supply the one-stop service of design, manufacturing, assembling and maintainnace.

Suggest the design for customer’s needs.

We make and suggest various documents and drawings adopting client’s needs.
We make various documents meeting the demand of clients, like the assembling drawing, assembling process drawing, assembling spec drawing and part drawing.
Needless to say the new producs, we also suggest design for improvement of the current products.
To suggest the best things to clients, we fulfill higher level of QCD by rethinking every aspects like structure, manufacturing, process and material, and designing spec and shape.


The insert molding with the rotary type molding machine which can satisfy customer’s variable desire.

We can give the high quality and accuracy insert molding.


We accommodate a request from clients under the management system developed by automobile products, and we specialize in the composite insert molding by the electly rotary vertical injection molding and we are received high evaluation in various fields.
We try to eliminate defective products and mistake overwhelmingly.

Cutting the work period, cost and making the trial production quickly

Many injection moldings operate like the electly rotary vertical injection molding from 20t to 150t and 220t, and we suggest the production system of the insert molding from small to large products and integrated products by insert molding.
We can cut process and cost, and we suggest various fields products like automotive, industrial and comsumer products.


Value Engineering suggestion unlike any other in the world.

Based on the four principles of improvement, we examine “Can we get together?”, “Can we stop the waste?”, “Can we change the flow?” and “Can we make simpler?” and we meet the client’s expectations by various idea.


We have specialists in each sections and suggest Value Engineering using each strong areas.
Esprecially the composite insert molding, we often have to rethink construction method.

Keeping the high quality and reliability with the system of cultivating human resources.

We give opportunities for engineers like Off-JT CAD-school, molding technique workshop, and for production operator like OJT training by first and second degree Certified Specialists of plastic injection molding
and for quarity management person like the specialist course and in-service training about the method of quarity management, and they work hard each other through the monthly meeting about improvement of quarity.
And we try to be trusted company and keep the high quarity by the test using the graphic indicator, auto inspection machine and other machine.


“Challenging for creating new value” Passion for the injection molding

We pursue for suggestion the high quality and accuracy injection molding production

We can mold with less trouble and high accuracy in the beginning of initial molding flow.
We want to callenge higher state with clients by bringing together the experience, skill and know-how of the injection molding.