Environment responsibility

Atecs’s environmental policy

Environmental philosophy

We think environmental preservation is the human key problem,and drive working with this problem from every aspects of company activity.

Envirnmental policy

We propose effective utilization to customers through our development, manufacturing and sales of our production as the manufacturing company using plastics made from the oil, and establish our environmental policy as the below;

1.Sustanable improvment of environmental preservation and preventioin of pollution.

  • ①We reduce our plastics and electricity using as the waste reduction program material, and make an effort to reduce of environmental burdens by decreasing and recycling the waste material.
  • ②We make an effort to produce more eco-friendly products and reduce usage of resources in development, production and disposal and suggest the know-how.

2.We keep the environment conpliance and demanding, and we support environment conservation in neighboring area.

3.Penetrating environmental philosophy and importance of conservation and improveing our ecological mind among all of the employees.

Disclosing this philosophy in official

Atecs CO.,LTD
The president Asano